Registration fees include a license fee based on the weight of the vehicle and an ownership tax based on the age and taxable value of the vehicle. Ownership tax is calculated using the taxable value of the vehicle for the registration period. Taxable value is calculated with a percentage of the manufacturer's suggested retail price. The percentage used on passenger vehicles is 85% and on cargo type vehicles 75%. Once the taxable value is established it remains on the ownership documents for the life of the vehicle.

To manually calculate an estimate of fees multiply the taxable value listed on the title or using the calculation listed above with the appropriate factor. If the vehicle year is the current or next year's model multiply the taxable value by .021, if the vehicle is in its second year of service, multiply the taxable value by .015. For vehicles in the third year of service multiply by .012 and in the fourth year of service .009. If the vehicle is five to nine years old multiply by .0045. In the tenth year of service the passenger and light truck vehicles reach a minimum of a $3.00 ownership tax.

Prior ownership tax is calculated from the month following the month of purchase to the registration date. Additional fees may be collected if the vehicle is not registered in the month of purchase.

The license fee that is based on the weight of the vehicle currently averages $75.00 per passenger vehicle and $90.00 for light truck vehicles. This figure must be added to the ownership tax calculation. The total of the two will be an estimate of the registration fees. If you are interested in purchasing the specialty plates please add an additional one-time $50.00 fee to the license fee estimate.

A late fee of $25 per month up to $100 is required on expired registrations, new purchases not registered after 60 days of purchase date, and vehicles registered 90 days after residency is established. Also, effective July 1, 2009 Road and Bridge Surcharges will be collected based on the weight of the vehicle. The total of the additional fees will range from $22.50 to $55.00.