Statement of Purpose

We work collaboratively to create healthier communities by:

  • Bringing together all partners working on built environment and coordinating work plans and outreach to prevent generating confusion among the community.
  • Sharing community engagement best practices, data and information, and feedback on current projects to better understand community needs and disparities related to the built environment.
  • Strategically leveraging individual groups’ accomplishments to bring value to one another’s projects, and develop joint projects to keep work alive independently of individual groups’ funding.

Sectors represented in the working group include:
Non-profits: biking advocacy and program development supporting safe active transportation (Bike Fort Collins), arts, economic and workforce development (Create Places), early childhood, education and family development (The Family Center), food security advocacy (Sproutin’ Up, Northern Colorado Food Cluster)

Higher education and community development (Institute for the Built Environment at Colorado State University)

Regional Transportation and Air Quality Planning (North Front Range Metropolitan Planning Organization)

Local government (FC Bikes department at City of Fort Collins; Built Environment program at Larimer County Department of Health and Environment)

Current work

  • Collaborating on the organization of a summer community celebration along Hickory Street
  • Linking community members to City Plan update process
  • Providing input to Planning Department on outreach and engagement for City Plan update
  • Coordinating joint community engagement strategies and outreach events
  • Developing group materials for coordinated communication with community members (group logo, description, colors, etc., for materials shared during community events)

Current membership to the leadership team is closed, but you can access meeting notes and agendas for future meetings here:

Notes from meetings
Meeting Calendar

Built Environment

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Health Educator
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