For Municipalities
One of our goals is to provide technical assistance that can build the capacity of municipal staff members by offering support on their plan and policy projects.  Assistance is catered to the municipality’s needs and typically in the form of tailored resource creation, content curation for models and examples, and presentations on a variety of topics like equity, the connection between health and the built environment, and health promoting policy language.  

  • Identification of neighborhood needs and priorities: Offering tools and resources to municipalities interested in standardizing prioritization processes for infrastructure development and reinvestment.
  • Best practices for inclusion of health into the built environment: Content curation and dissemination of recent evidence-based research and case studies demonstrating the inclusion or absence of policies that affect the physical and mental health of a community through infrastructure (from transit to trails), zoning, land use, availability and accessibility of open space, and access to active transportation options.
  • Identifying policy language to support health and the built environment: Working with municipalities to identify gaps in their planning policies that may be preventing the city from effectively implementing and supporting the health for their community members.  Conversely, congratulating and celebrating municipalities who have implemented policy language that promotes a healthy lifestyle that is attainable and accessible for all community members.
  • Trainings on inclusion of health language into built environment policies: Working with decision makers and municipalities to understand the connection and co-benefits of health and the built environment and the case for embedding health promoting language into policy to support community wide health.
  • Creating of materials and identifying community health needs: Provide GIS assistance and activities to identify community needs to municipalities, community groups and community members to map the intersection between community health needs and planning.

For Community Members: Additionally, we can offer technical assistance to community members who are interested in learning built environment jargon, the identification and prioritization of neighborhood built environment projects, connections between built environment and health, and navigating and/or how to get involved in policy and comprehensive plan updates.

  • Community education on built environment and civic engagement: Providing learning opportunities for community members to learn built environment jargon and civic engagement processes.
  • Connecting community members to opportunities to participate in built environment assessments, improvements, and policy-making: Offering assistance to community members who are interested in making neighborhood infrastructure improvements to learn how to appropriately assess their community assets and navigate the policy change process.

Built Environment

Brooke Bettolo
Health Educator
Built Environment Program
Email: bbettolo@larimer.org