Food/ Medical/ Financial Assistance you may also qualify for:

  • SNAP - Supplemental food assistance for low income families
  • LEAP (Low Income Energy Assistance) - Provides financial assistance to help low income households with winter home heating costs
  • TANF - Cash/ employment assistance to qualifying low income families
  • CCAP (Child Care Assistance Program) - Offers financial assistance to subsidize child care cost for low income families
  • Medicaid - Health care benefits for minor children (1-18 years old), parents, and pregnant women who qualify
  • Colorado PEAK - Program eligibility and application kit to access benefit information

Visit Larimer County’s human services website to learn more.

Nutrition Related Resources

Breastfeeding Resources

Area Medical staff, please complete this form if a special formula is required.

Please Fax form to:
Loveland: 970-619-4589
Fort Collins: 970-498-6721

WIC is an equal opportunity provider and employer.