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In 2008, Colorado passed the Public Health Reauthorization Act, which requires local public health agencies to create a health improvement plan based on a community health assessment and with community input. Larimer County's Community Health Improvement Plan (or CHIP for short) is developed every five years to ensure that community voice guides our priorities in health related prevention work for everyone in Larimer County. 

Current CHIP Priorities: 

Larimer County Department of Health and Environment is excited to announce the new priorities for the 2019-2023 Community Health Improvement Plan:

In an equitable and culturally responsive manner:

  • Promote Mental and Emotional Wellbeing across the lifespan
    • Address Gaps in Required Continuum of Care 
    • Substance Use Disorder and Treatment
    • Primary Prevention
  • Provide access to Quality Childcare
    • Affordability
    • Recruitment and Retention of the Childcare Workforce
    • Infant and Toddler Care

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Healthy Larimer Committee:

  • The Healthy Larimer Committee  is a group of community members interested in making Larimer County a healthy and happy place to live for all people. This group is tasked with:
    • Sharing lived experience to guide new and existing strategies within Health Department programs. 
    • Serving as the advisers for the implementation of the Community Health Improvement Plan, which focuses on mental health and access to quality childcare. 
  • There are frequently opportunities for people to join the Healthy Larimer Committee. In order for all to have the opportunity to have a seat at the decision-making table, the current members have identified the following as areas of expertise that are currently not present within the Healthy Larimer Committee. All who are interested are encouraged to apply, however, individuals with the following expertise may be prioritized:

    • Veterans
    • Persons with physical/mobility disabilities
    • Men 
    • Elderly
    • Fathers of Color
    • Persons with hearing impairment
    • Native American
    • Asian American and Pacific Islander
    • People who have experienced homelessness
    • Youth with lived experience  (with homelessness, domestic violence, being raised by grandparents, etc.)

To apply, visit http://bit.ly/healthylarimerteam to complete the application.

For more information call Kim Chambers at 970-698-0081 or email kchambers@larimer.org

Questions about the Community Health Improvement Plan?

Contact Kelsey Lyon
Health Planning and Partnership Supervisor