If interested in starting a food business in Larimer County, contact the health department. You will be provided with copies of state regulations, plan review information and advice on how to get started.

You will need to submit a plan review application, a set of plans with outlined specifications and $100 application fee to the health department. Plans and specifications must be reviewed and approved before any construction is started. A plan review is needed to insure the establishment will be constructed to meet the current food safety regulations and to help prevent costly construction changes.

If interested in purchasing an existing food business in Larimer County, contact the health department for a change of ownership inspection. A current inspection can provide detailed information outlining any changes or remodeling which may be required to meet current code requirements. Since regulations change and establishments are often modified between inspections, a restaurant that is operating may not meet the current regulations.

How do I get a license to operate restaurant or a grocery store? Contact the health department to obtain a license application. When your facility receives approval from the health department to operate, the license application will be approved and the license will be mailed to the establishment. Licenses must be renewed in January of each year, and are valid through December 31 of the licensing year. They are not transferable from one operator to another or from one location to another.

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