Litter Cleanup Team volunteers set an important example of responsible stewardship and help protect Larimer County Department of Natural Resources parks and open space by keeping them free of litter. 

Application opens December 1, 2023

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Litter Cleanup Team volunteers help keep Larimer County Department of Natural Resources’ (LCDNR) parks and open spaces beautiful and sustainable by picking up trash. They support our mission by meeting a critical department need and set an example of responsible stewardship for their community.

Litter cleanup is a great way to give back to the natural spaces you already love. Once a month, head out to your favorite open space or try a new one each time. Every litter bit helps, even picking up micro-trash! Volunteer on your schedule, get exercise, and be outdoors while being a steward of our natural resources.  Opportunities available for all ages and abilities. 

Two volunteers proudly displaying the trash bags they filled while picking up litter at Horsetooth Reservoir.
Three volunteers smiling at the camera and holding up the trash bags they filled while picking up litter at Hermit Park Open Space.
  • Be an integral part of promoting LCDNR’s mission and fostering stewardship values
  • Flexible schedule
  • Get exercise and get outside!
  • Know that you are making a difference and a visible impact
  • Participate in fun appreciation and social events
  • Complete 20+ volunteer hours in a calendar year & receive a LCDNR parking pass
  • Friendly, courteous, and respectful
  • Volunteers under 16 years must be accompanied by an adult
  • Organized and takes initiative
  • Good physical condition: able to bend, stoop, carry
  • Passionate about public lands and dedicated to public service
  • Understand that they may only pick up a few pieces each visit but every little bit helps
  • Willingness to interact with visitors is helpful but not required
  • Understanding and acceptance of the potential risks for this volunteer role such as inclement weather, potentially dangerous rattlesnake or other wildlife encounters, and injuries resulting from the physical duties associated with working outdoors
  • At least once a month, schedule a time, date, & LCDNR location to pick up trash
  • Pick up trash including small or micro pieces. If comfortable, pick-up dog poop bags left on the trail (use gloves). Focus on parking lots, trailheads, and day use areas as well as trails
  • Use caution and best practices if going off trail to retrieve litter
  • Be prepared to answer visitor questions about your volunteer role and/or LCDNR
  • Check-in with Volunteer Engagement staff for locations that have the biggest need
  • Provide your own trash bags & gloves. Some supplies available upon request
  • Use, LCDNR’s volunteer software, to mange your volunteer schedule and complete Litter Cleanup Site Visit reports
  • Report any hazards such as sharp or unsafe items
  • Haul out full trash bags, use appropriate dumpsters or make arrangements with staff ahead of time
  • Dress appropriately and bring necessary supplies – typically this includes wearing sturdy closed-toed shoes and sun protection (hat, sunglasses, sunscreen), plenty of water, snacks/lunch, clothing layers for variable weather conditions, disposable or work gloves and anything else you need for the day outdoors
  • Display appropriate volunteer on-duty parking pass when at a fee site
  • Abide by all rules, regulations, and safety guidelines while on Larimer County property
  • New Volunteer Orientation ( 1 hour)
  • Litter Cleanup Team Orientation ( 1 hour)
  • Litter Cleanup Team volunteers create their own schedule (year-round, weekdays & weekends) at locations that work best for their personal schedule, interests, and/or physical abilities
  • Volunteers should avoid scheduling time during peak visitation: weekends May – September, 9:00 am – 2:00 pm, as parks and open spaces are usually crowded

  1. Submit a Volunteer application
  2. Schedule an interview with Volunteer Engagement staff
  3. Attend Training
    1. New Volunteer Orientation
    2. Litter Cleanup Team Orientation
  4. Start volunteering!
The Larimer County Natural Resources Volunteer Program is not obligated to provide a placement, nor are you obligated to accept the position offered. Opportunities for volunteers are provided without regard to race, color, religion, national origin, sex or age. Larimer County is committed to equality of opportunity.

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