The Larimer County Sheriff's Auxiliary Unit (SAU) recruits volunteers from our community to bring together law enforcement and our citizens in the interest of safety and security in our homes, schools, offices, and neighborhoods. SAU volunteers are trained to educate and create awareness in Larimer County to reduce crime and ensure safety in our communities through partnership with the community and law enforcement.

Volunteers work in three key areas:  crime prevention (please see our crime prevention page for more details), community safety (includes community information booth at events throughout the summer in Larimer County), and LCSO administration (specialized assignments include instructors for the Community Awareness Program (CAP) Terrorism training, assisting in the Joint Information Center during disasters, etc.).

Auxiliary Application

SAU Philosophy

  • We bring together citizens and law enforcement
  • We empower citizens to be a part of the solution
  • We empower our volunteers to contribute value
  • We leverage the strong skills and experience of our volunteers
  • We provide key functions no budget allocated
  • We offer our volunteers training and support to be successful