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How would you prioritize the programs Larimer County funds? The Larimer County Budget Office invites residents to answer that question by visiting the new Build-Your-Own-Budget website on This tool allows residents to prioritize program spending in the 2021 budget. There is only one requirement: every budget submitted must balance.

The annual budget is the foundation for a wide array of public services, including public safety programs, human and economic health services, community planning, and infrastructure projects. The budget is the basis for determining the level of services provided. Every year demands for services change and the Board of County Commissioners must balance the available resources with those demands. This is your opportunity to provide feedback on those decisions: Which services should be expanded or cut? Should taxes or fees go up, or down?

The interactive Build-Your-Own-Budget tool is a pilot project that will help residents participate in the budget process electronically, set custom revenue and expense projections, and offer suggestions on specific programs.  To use the tool visit

In building custom budgets, residents see the big picture of “where the money comes from” and “where it goes” in the form of programs and services that Larimer County provides.

The tool gives residents an opportunity to participate in the county budget process from the comfort of their own homes and on their own schedule. There is no need to attend a public meeting.

Residents can also comment on the Larimer County Budget via email to Larimer County Budget Director Josh Fudge at or to the entire Board of Larimer County Commissioners at

To view the current 2020 adopted budget visit

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Friday, September 11, 2020 - 10:59am
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Josh Fudge, Budget Director, [970] 498-7017, 

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