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Larimer County employees were recognized for finding better, innovative, and groundbreaking ways to better serve our community.

Larimer County’s greatest asset is its employees and on June 22 the Board of Larimer County Commissioners honored employees that have shown ingenuity, creativity, innovation and hard work to improve the way services are delivered to Larimer County residents at the 2022 Innovation Awards Program celebration.


Grand Prize, $3,000: Law Enforcement Digital Evidence System [LEDES]

Cassie Lallak, Paulina Bennett, Kyle Teramoto, Brant Gluth, Ray Daniel, Haley Neufeld, Pat Abernathy, Jeff Fehringer, Sahar Habib, Sarah Melocco, Sheriff, and Information Technology

The LEDES project tackles the labor-intensive, time-consuming process of the submission of digital evidence from law enforcement to the District Attorney’s Office. Since 2017, the DA has seen a 400% increase in digital evidence.

A new automatic digital evidence script was developed to receive and process digital evidence quickly, using technology by both the DA and law enforcement while not having to hire additional employees to perform this work.

Law enforcement evidence technicians spend a large amount of time manually downloading and processing evidence and then submitting these files to the DA for review and discovery. The new LEDES system now automates that process, eliminating the need for technicians to download and process this data.


Runner-Up Winner, $1,000: Delinquent Mobile Home Tax Engagement Tracking

Todd Sims, Royce Simpson, Treasurer, and Information Technology

Larimer County’s Graphic Information System Mapping, Web, and Treasurer’s Teams created a tracking tool that exceeded expectations for tracking delinquent mobile home taxes.

The tool shows mobile home parks and mobile homes on an interactive map for both desktop and mobile platforms while noting the status of the property through color-coding. The tool can also update the status of a property and upload photos of tags and notes in the field, via a mobile device.

The system also syncs each evening with the Larimer County Treasurer’s central list and inactive cases then are removed from the map and working list.

Significant time and labor savings were gained along with eliminating duplicated efforts, while the number of properties set for auction was greatly reduced from 600 to 32.


Runner-Up Winner, $1,000: eBond Project [Electronic Bond Application]

Derik Stalls, Raymond Daniel, Paige Hammer, Emily Humphrey, Nathan Kumm, Cassie Lallak, Sarah Melocco, Mark Olson, Angela Priest, Joe Schreurs, Linette Schweizer, Erica Wagner, Community Justice Alternatives, and Information Technology

The eBond project resulted in the elimination and reliance on paper documents, and their hand-delivery for court dates, especially on the day of an appearance in court. Workloads for support staff were reduced, while review time of defendant information by stakeholders was increased, via secure delivery of essential information.

Larimer County’s eBond project is on the cutting-edge in the area of Pretrial Services both in the State of Colorado and nationally.


Larimer County employees are always finding better ways to deliver services and better serve our community. There was no shortage of entries for the awards this year --- many other Larimer County employees and teams also submitted their projects for the 2022 Innovation Awards, listed below.


  • Adding the ROC page to CBMS - Kameel Khattar
  • Agenda Management Replacement Project - Brenda Gimeson, Sabrina Santos, Gregg Turnbull, Allen Masters
  • Battery Safety Campaign - Emily Wenger, Linda Hammett, Gloria Cohen
  • Cameron Peak Fire Recovery Dashboard - Stephen Decatur, Royce Simpson, Christine Day
  • Camping in Larimer County Just Got Easier - Thanh Matthews, Jordan Williams
  • Change in Fentanyl Policy/Approach - Kayla Hendrickson
  • Charlas con el Departamento de Salud - Sergio Torres, Maria Naumburg, Araceli Newman
  • Collective Innovation - Brigitte Grimm, Cindy Stromberger, Noah Gamino, Donna Brady, Emma Morgan, Efrain Lemus, Heather Longino, Kristopher Peters, Lauren Mehl, Tammy Ruff, Todd Sims, Vicky Glass, Yesenia Saenz
  • COVID-19 Recovery Outreach Dashboard - Jared Gryskiewicz, Shayle Sabo, Ricardo Perez
  • DNR Public Engagement Expansion - Korrie Johnston
  • K9 Deployment Tracking - Jackie Stimac, Dave Feyen, Mike Gurwin, Jeff Kaley, Mitch McGuinnis, Aaron Hawks, Joe Pugliese, Megan Thomas
  • Larimer County Battery Recycling Program - Matt Townsend, Xavier Christensen, Emily Wagner & Linda Hammett
  • Larimer County Budget Explorer – Matthew Behunin, Jenn Glover
  • Larimer OEM Virtual EOC- Kohl Parrott, Shayle Sabo
  • Looker-Application Analytics – Lori Guymon, Jeff Fehringer
  • Market Days! for Older Adults - Cheryl Noble, Alison O’Connor, Sue Schneider
  • Modernizing Election Judge Management - Mallory O’Connell
  • Natural Resources Parking Tickets Process Update - Chris Fleming, Steve Gibson, Molly Schaeffer, Aubrey Hilte
  • Smart Simple is a Smart Choice – Jessica Plummer, Kim Priddy
Published on: 
Thursday, June 23, 2022 - 1:01pm

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