Behavioral Health Services opens the 2023 Impact Fund Grant Program, $2.8 million to be awarded for behavioral health

Larimer County Behavioral Health Services is now accepting applications for grants through the 2023 Impact Fund Grant Program for programs and projects that support the behavioral health of Larimer County.  This year, BHS will award $2.8M in grant funding to serve the behavioral health of our community.

"As BHS enters its fifth year of grant funding through our Impact Fund Grant Program, we anticipate a growing demand for funding as behavioral health challenges across the county remain high. BHS is excited to provide financial support to community partners whose work is focused on increasing awareness and access to affordable and appropriate behavioral healthcare for all residents of Larimer County," said Director of Behavioral Health Services Laurie Stolen.

The funding that is distributed through the grant awards is generated by a percentage of the annual sales-and-use tax as defined by the 2018 ballot initiative designating money for behavioral health purposes. This funding allows Larimer County to invest in serving the diverse needs of our community.

This year, BHS will award grants through two types of grants: Targeted and Responsive.

The 2023 Targeted Grants are defined by the department’s three advisory groups;  Behavioral Health Policy Council, the Technical Advisory Committee, and the Consumer Advisory Committee which are approved by the Board of Larimer County Commissioners.

Targeted Grants include:

  • Care Coordination & Systems Integration
  • Workforce Expansion & Support
  • Alternatives & Interventions in Criminal Justice
  • Services in Diverse Settings
  • Expansion of Child & Youth Services

The prestigious Gary A. Darling Grant Award will be awarded to one stand-out program applying for funding under the Alternatives & Interventions in Criminal Justice Targeted Grant.

Responsive Grants are also available to organizations that propose behavioral health programs/services for community needs that fall outside of the defined Targeted Grant areas.

The Impact Fund Grant Program application deadline is 5 p.m., June 30.

To learn more and apply, visit the 2023 Impact Fund Grant Program.

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Thu Jun 1, 2023
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