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Larimer County Purchasing's official publication location for all formal solicitations (Invitations to Bid, Requests for Proposal, as well as Construction Notices of Final Settlement relating to a solicitation) is Rocky Mountain E-Purchasing System (Bidnet), located at  

Responses to formal solicitations like Invitations to Bid (Bid) and Requests for Proposal RFP) are only accepted by electronic submission through Bidnet. Vendors must be registered with Bidnet in advance in order to submit a Bid or a Proposal.  Larimer County strongly recommends vendors register with Bidnet well in advance of the submittal deadline to ensure they have adequate time to upload and submit their bid or proposal.  Late submissions are not accepted. Registration is free.  Larimer County does not have access to, or control of, the Vendor side of Bidnet; please contact Bidnet at 1-800-835-4603 for vendor support.

See the Larimer County Purchasing home page for a detailed document and videos on how to use Bidnet.

All postings on this web page are merely for public convenience and are not intended to serve as the official source. The County does not assume any responsibility for errors or misinterpretations resulting from the use of documents obtained anywhere other than Bidnet.

NEW! - Department RFQs (D-RFQ) site 

ANNOUNCEMENT - Starting April 2023, County Departments have the ability to advertise their Department's Requests for Quotation (D-RFQ) on a dedicated site that Purchasing and IT created, the Published Department Request for Quotes page (convenient link at the top of the page.)  At that site you can see D-RFQs that departments are advertising, and sign up for the D-RFQ Notifications list so you will receive an email when a new D-RFQ is posted. 

Current Solicitations and Construction Notices of Final Settlement

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Past Solicitations

The Minutes for each expired formal solicitation will remain here for 5 years following their due date.

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