Know BEFORE you go

Check Colorado Trail Explorer (COTREX) at for the most up-to-date trail conditions, closures, and alerts.

These recommendations will help keep you safe and minimize impacts on our natural resources. 

  • Know BEFORE you go: Check Colorado Trail Explorer (COTREX) at for the most up-to-date trail conditions, closures, and alerts 
  • Feeling sick? Stay home if anyone in your household is sick, such as fever, coughing, or shortness of breath
  • Keep your group small - fewer than TEN people. Recreate and camp only with people from your own household.
  • Practice social distancing - keep SIX feet between other visitors not in your own household and don’t congregate at overlooks, rest areas, or trailheads
  • Wear a mask to protect yourself and others when six feet of distance cannot be maintained, such as heavily populated parking lots and trail junctions
  • Share the trail: Step aside, do not walk off when passing others to avoid damaging our trails and natural spaces

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Pinewood Reservoir trails are listed under Ramsey Shockey.