Fort Collins

Administrative Services Building
200 W. Oak St.
Assessor (2nd floor), Clerk & Recorder (1, 5), Commissioners (2), Engineering (3), Facilities  (4), Financial Services (4), Human Resources (3), Information Technology (4), Planning & Building (3), Treasurer (2), Veterans Service (5), Economic and Workforce Development (5)
Justice Center
201 La Porte Ave.
District Attorney (2nd Floor), Combined Courts Clerk (1), Judicial Administration (2), CASA (3), Courts (3-5)
2255 Midpoint Dr. Community Corrections
2307 Midpoint Dr. Alternative Sentencing, Community Justice Alternatives
2405 Midpoint Dr. Sheriff - Jail
2501 Midpoint Dr. Sheriff - Administration
2555 Midpoint Dr. Human Services
2573 Midpoint Dr. Human Services
2643 Midpoint Dr. Suite C Road & Bridge Administration
1600 Prospect Park Way, Suite 101 Coroner
Blue Spruce
1501 Blue Spruce Human Services
1525 Blue Spruce Health & Environment, Extension
Longview Behavioral Health
2260 W. Trilby
Behavioral Health
2649 E. Mulberry St., Suite 6 Weed Control District
5887 S. Taft Hill Rd.
Landfill, Solid Waste
Fleet Services
614 E. Vine Dr.
Fleet Services
Emergency Services
1303 N. Shields St.
Emergency Services


Loveland Campus
200 Peridot Ave.
Clerk & Recorder, Health and Environment, Human Services, Sheriff’s Office
Carter Lake
1800 S County Rd 31
Parks & Open Lands
The Ranch
5290 Arena Circle
Fairgrounds, Blue FCU Arena
Police & Courts Building
810 E. 10th Street
District Attorney, Combined Courts, Municipal Court, Loveland Police
Berthoud Transfer Station
20400 West CR 1
½ mile south of Hwy 56
Turn East on Gun Club Rd off of County Line Road
go ¼ mile east to Transfer Station gate
Transfer Station, Solid Waste
Loveland Shop
2205 E HWY 402, Loveland
Road & Bridge

Estes Park

Estes Park Office
1601 Brodie Ave.
Building Inspections, Clerk & Recorder, Health & Environment, Human Services, Sheriff
Estes Park Transfer Station
680 Elm Road
Transfer Station, Solid Waste (Operated by Waste Management of Estes Park)

Northern Larimer County

Red Feather Transfer Station
County Road 74E
West of Parvin Lake, ¼ mile turn North by sign saying "Trash Disposal Site"
Transfer Station, Solid Waste
Wellington Transfer Station
3891 E. County Road 70
Owl Canyon Rd (County Rd 70) 1 mile West of I-25
Transfer Station, Solid Waste
Wellington Shop
241 West CR 70, Wellington
Road & Bridge
Livermore Shop
2300 West CR 74E, Livermore
Road & Bridge
Rist Canyon Shop
17290 Rist Canyon Road, Bellvue
Road & Bridge
Laramie River Shop
CR 103 and Laramie River Road, Bellvue
Road & Bridge