2012 Larimer County 101 Class

First Row: (L to R): - Community Information Manager Deni La Rue, Assistant County Manager Neil Gluckman, Commissioner Lew Gaiter III, Commissioner Steve Johnson, Public Communications Tom Clayton

Second Row: (L to R): - Don Conn, Shelli Rangel

Third Row: (L to R): - redacted, Janet Seeley, Karen Flemming, Helen Boggs, Kiley McGowen, Dolores Williams

Fourth Row: (L to R): - Michael Reeves, redacted, Rosalind Larsen, Frank Gillespie, Marcia Richards, Donna Hanks

Fifth Row: (L to R): - Todd Spiller, Robert Tholl, Dana DeRouchey, Irene Romsa, Thom Sibilsky, Jamie Centeno

Sixth Row: (L to R): - Ed Ott, Richard Brunner, Tom Wingfield, Chuck Hart, Robert Lyle