Moving Your Mobile or Manufactured Home

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The mobile/manufactured home must be on a permanent foundation.

  1. An inspection by the appropriate jurisdiction must be completed in order to show that the home is, in fact, permanently attached to the ground. There may be an inspection fee. On many occasions, the owner already has a certificate of occupancy stating "On Permanent", if a building permit was pulled before the home was installed.
  2. Call the appropriate building department for an appointment if the home is located within the boundaries of:
    1. Berthoud Building Department at 970-532-2643.
    2. Estes Park Building Department at 970-586-5331.
    3. Fort Collins Building Department at 970-221-6769.
    4. Loveland. Please note: the City of Loveland no longer performs these inspections on mobile/manufactured homes. Please contact a private structural engineering firm to inspect the residence. Search online or via a phone directory for Engineer-Structural.
    5. Windsor Building Department at 970-686-7511.
    6. Wellington Building Department at 970-568-3381.
    7. If the home is not located within the boundaries of any of these municipalities, contact the Larimer County Building Department at 970-498-7700.
  3. The above entities, with the exception of #4 (Loveland City residents see below), will issue a Certificate of Occupancy for the home. This certificate must state that the home is PERMANENT.
    1. Loveland City residents will provide a certification from a Structural Engineer of their choosing, stating the home's footing & foundation have met the requirements necessary to convert the home to residential real property.
  4. The Owner's Request to Purge a Manufactured Home Title (DR 2180) is to be signed by the owner(s). This form includes a perjury clause and no longer requires notarization.
  5. The Owner's Request to Reclassify Improvements is to be signed by the owner(s).
  6. The Lender's Request to Purge a Manufactured Home Title (DR 2171) is to be signed by the lending institution IF there is a lien holder on the face of the title AND the lien is not released on the title. This form includes a perjury clause and no longer requires notarization.
  7. The ORIGINAL title or Manufacturer's Statement of Origin for the home must be released to the Assessor's Office. It will be sent to the Colorado State Department of Motor Vehicles to be purged from its records.
  8. A check in the amount of $13, payable to the Larimer County Clerk and Recorder (or simply LCCR), must accompany the forms. This is for the recording fees for the Owners' Request to Reclassify Improvements.
  9. An Authentication/Certification form (showing all taxes on the mobile home are current) will be created once the above documents are prepared and presented to the Assessor's Office.
    1. This form will be handed to the owner or whoever is executing the purge on their behalf. The form is to be taken directly to the Treasurer's Office, where it will also provide for advance payment of taxes on the mobile home for the current year.
    2. Once the taxes are paid, the Treasurer's Office will complete the authentication and the document will be returned to the Assessor's Office to complete the purge process.

$10.00 Authentication / Certification from Assessor's Office

$13.00 Monies to the Clerk & Recorder's Office to record the Owner's Request to Reclassify form

$??.?? Foundation inspection fees (if an inspection is required)

$??.?? Taxes from prior year(s) that were not yet paid

$??.?? Last year's taxes that were billed January 1st of this year

$??.?? This year's taxes that would have been billed January 1st of next year, if the home was not being purged

All documents must be signed and returned to the Assessor's Office together. Once presented, copies of each document will be returned to the taxpayer. These copies are the only and best documentation available to evidence the purge of the manufactured home. Taxpayers report leaving our office with these documents and entering a closing, refinance, or insurance meeting, and these documents are typically sufficient. Please note: No additional evidence of the purge is available. 

If you have any questions, please call 970-498-7050 and ask for the Manufactured Housing department.

The taxable value of the property may increase. Please note the following:

  1. Once the mobile/manufactured home is secured to the ground, the home becomes real estate in all respects.
  2. The original title to the home is surrendered to the Colorado State Motor Vehicle Division to be purged from their records. This is handled through the Assessor's Office.
  3. The home will be conveyed by deed, like all real property, from this point on.
  4. The home is now assessed as an improvement of the parcel of land on which it is affixed.
  5. The home is valued as residential real property--which may increase the actual value for ad valorem tax purposes.
  6. It may be possible for the home to be financed like residential real property with an escrow account for taxes. (Consult the lender of your choice.)
  7. The home is collected, advertised, sold and redeemed as residential real property if taxes are not paid.
  8. This change in classification is irreversible.
  9. All taxes due on the mobile/manufactured home must be paid in full at the time of the purge.
  10. Current year taxes on the mobile/manufactured home will be pre-collected by the Treasurer's Office at the time of the purge.

In order to accomplish the change in classification (from moveable manufactured home to residential real property) for ad valorem tax purposes, the home must meet the requirements for permanent foundations as listed in Manufactured Home Purge Information packet. These requirements are set forth by the Larimer County Planning Division, Building Department.