Your voice matters!

Are you a passionate young adult seeking to make a meaningful impact on your community?  Larimer County believes that youth and young adults like you have the power to shape the future of our community. Our advisory boards and commissions seek enthusiastic individuals to serve as youth (18-25) members.  As a youth member of our boards and commissions, you will have the chance to make a real impact and contribute to meaningful decisions that affect our County. Step up, speak out, and be a driving force in building a better tomorrow!

What does it mean to be appointed as a youth member to a board or commission?

We understand that, as a young adult, your schedule may be busy, so youth member terms are shorter and provide flexibility without compromising on impact. Whether you're passionate about sustainability, education, social justice, or community development – there's a place for you here. Share your unique perspective, bring fresh ideas to the table, and be an advocate for change.

As a youth member, you play a pivotal role in driving positive change and representing the voices of your generation. Join us now to make a meaningful impact on your community and contribute to its growth and development. Here's what you'll do:

  • Serve a volunteer term of up to twelve months.
  • Attend all board or commission meetings as a voting member.
  • Provide advice based on your expertise and lived experience to amplify community voices and influence policy decisions.
  • Foster collaboration with fellow board members, county officials and community stakeholders to achieve common goals.
  • Promote transparency and conduct meetings that are accessible to the public, fostering openness and trust in the governance process.
  • Abide by bylaws, including meeting attendance requirements to maintain an effective and engaged board.
  • Engage in training to stay informed and effective in your advisory role.

The following Larimer County Advisory Boards are currently seeking volunteer youth members:
One youth member position is available per board.

Agricultural Advisory Board Behavioral Health Consumer Advisory Committee Environmental & Science Advisory Board
Equity, Diversity & Inclusion Advisory Board Extension Advisory Committee Fair Board
Office on Aging Advisory Council Open Lands Advisory Board Parks Advisory Board
Rodeo Board    


Boards, commissions and task forces serve many different roles within the County.  Board and commission members serve at the discretion of the Board of County Commissioners and may be appointed at any time during the application process. 

Advisory boards are vital pillars of the democratic process within Larimer County government.  As passionate advocates for community engagement and representation, these boards play a pivotal role in bridging the gap between local residents and decision-makers.  Their fundamental purpose is to advise county officials on specific issues, policies, and programs that directly impact the well-being and progress of the community.

1.  Informed Decision-Making

2.  Amplifying Community Voices

3.  Fostering Collaboration and Accountability

4.  Promoting Transparency and Trust

5.  Nurturing a Culture of Civic Engagement

6.  Enhancing County Services and Programs

Advisory boards for county government are instrumental in fostering inclusive, transparent, and responsive governance.  By collaborating with county officials, amplifying community voices, and offering valuable insights, these boards help build a stronger community that thrives on active civic engagement and shared responsibility.  As active participants in the decision-making process, advisory boards pave the way for a brighter and more prosperous future for Larimer County.

Embrace Your Impact: Be a Catalyst for Positive Change!

When you become a participating member of Larimer County Boards and Commissions, you're not just joining a team – you're becoming a driving force for progress. Your unique perspective and fresh ideas have the power to shape policies and initiatives that will leave a lasting impact on our community.

Benefits for You:

1. Amplify Your Voice: Your opinions matter, and we want to hear them. As a board or commission member, you'll have a direct line to decision-makers, enabling you to advocate for causes you're passionate about.

2. Professional Growth: Gain invaluable experience in leadership, teamwork, and public service. This opportunity will bolster your resume and set you apart in future endeavors.

3. Networking Opportunities: Connect with like-minded peers, mentors, and community leaders, forging meaningful relationships that extend far beyond your college years.

4. Shorter Terms: We understand that, as a young adult, you have commitments and goals. Our shorter terms align with your academic and personal life.

Benefits for the Community:

1. Youthful Energy and Vision: Your enthusiasm and innovative thinking inject new life into the decision-making process, pushing boundaries and driving positive change.

2. Representing Diverse Perspectives: Your unique experiences represent the broader community, ensuring that policies and initiatives address the needs of all residents.

3. Inspiring Engagement: By actively participating in local governance, you inspire others to become involved and actively shape our collective future.

4. Fostering a Sustainable Legacy: The decisions you help make today will have a lasting impact, creating a thriving community for future generations.

Together, let's transform Larimer County for the better!

Your contributions as a board or commission member will create a ripple effect of progress far beyond your efforts. Embrace this opportunity to be the catalyst for positive change and make your mark on our community. Join us now and become a driving force for a brighter, more inclusive, and prosperous future!

Step 1: Explore Our Opportunities

  • Browse our diverse boards and commissions to find the perfect match for your interests and passions.
  • Discover the areas where your unique perspective can make a real impact.

Step 2: Complete the Online Application

  • Apply now to access our user-friendly online application form.
  • Provide your contact details and specify the board or commission you wish to join.
  • Share your experiences, skills, and why you're passionate about participating.

Step 3: Attend an Interview

  • If your application is shortlisted, we'll invite you for a friendly and informal interview.
  • This is your chance to showcase your enthusiasm and commitment to creating positive change.
  • We'll discuss the expectations and training and answer any questions you may have.

Join Us and Shape the Future of Larimer County!

Don't miss this incredible opportunity to advocate for your community and help shape a brighter future. Take the first step by exploring our boards and commissions and submitting your application today!

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  • Advocates for positive change.
  • Serve shorter terms with flexible commitments.
  • Mandatory boards and commissions training provided.
  • Voting member that abides by member bylaws, including meeting attendance requirements.

Your Impact:

  • Influence policies and initiatives that matter.
  • Amplify the voices of your community.
  • Drive positive outcomes for Larimer County.
  • Shape a brighter future together!

Ready to Make a Difference? Apply Now!

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