Community Development Offices will close Thursday, December 8 at 12:30pm

The Community Development Department (Building, Planning, Code Compliance, Community Information Resource Technicians) will open at 9 AM on December 7, 2022, and will close at 12:30pm on Thursday, December 8, 2022, so staff may attend a Larimer County employee breakfast and a holiday party. There will be no afternoon inspections on December 8th. Thank you for your understanding about any inconvenience this may cause. We will respond to your request when we return.


Chief Building Official
Eric Fried
(970) 498-7705
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Business Operations Supervisor
Jennifer Fling
(970) 498-7717
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Lead Plans Examiner
Juan Mancha
(970) 498-7665
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Lead Building Inspector
Mark Tewsley
(970) 498-7703
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Plans Examiners

Plans Examiner
Charlie Phillips
(970) 577-2103
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Plans Examiner
Chris Allison (Temp)
(970) 498-7714
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Plans Examiner
(970) 498-7707

Plans Examiner
Athena Sundsted
(970) 498-7692
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Plans Examiner
Laura Boekhout
(970) 498-7693
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Building Permit Technicians

Permit Technician
Kim Doss
(970) 498-7702
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Permit Technician
Kathy Harding
(970) 577-2102
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Permit Technician
Katie James
(970) 498-7704
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Permit Technician
Debby Johnson
(970) 498-7668
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Permit Technician
Dalynne Turman
(970) 498-7688
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Building Inspectors

Building Inspector
Ron Crego
(970) 498-7701
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Building Inspector
Eric Venor
(970) 498-7731

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Building Inspector
Kevin Meyer
(970) 498-7744
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Building Inspector
Sam Scruggs
(970) 498-7677
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Building Inspector
Claude Traufield
(970) 498-7710
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Building Inspector
Rich Kramer
(970) 498-7662
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Electrical Inspector
Jim Johnson
(970) 498-7713

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Electrical Inspector
Rod Roberts
(970) 498-7715
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Electrical Inspector
Jason Mossman
(970) 498-7671
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