When all other modes of communication fails, such as phone lines, cell service, or internet, we have found that usually HAM radio is still a viable form of communication. As a result, Larimer OEM works closely with organizations like Amateur Radio Emergency Services (ARES) to build up communication capacity. 

It is our goal that every community in Larimer County has a HAM radio operator that we can connect with should any of our communities experience major communication disruptions. As a result, we partner with ARES and other local HAM Radio Clubs to provide HAM Radio Operator trainings! 

For information on current trainings already scheduled and being offered through ARES please click here: coaresr1d1.org 

Additionally, we can work with one of these groups to coordinate a training in your community. We ask that you gather a minimum of 10 people to conduct this training. Please keep in mind that the HAM radio groups we partner with are completely volunteer-led, and as a result, we ask that you respectfully keep this in mind when trying to schedule trainings. 

If your community is interested in scheduling a HAM Radio Operator training, please contact Lori Hodges