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The MacGregor Ranch forest restoration project was a partnership with the Natural Resources Conservation Service to conduct wildfire mitigation work at the MacGregor Ranch in Estes Park in 2017. The work improved forest health, decreased wildfire risk, and improved wildlife habitat in the area. 



Rocky Mountain Adaptation - Podcast 

Adapting to Climate Change the Colorado Way 

Rocky Mountain Adaptation
In this podcast Rocky Mountain Adaptation: Adapting to Climate Change the Colorado Way by America Adapts, Larimer OEM Director Lori Hodges joins Colorado experts and host Doug Parsons in sharing how extreme storm events have been a major driver in adaptation planning in the state. While also discovering the most pressing impacts facing Colorado, Colorado's unique climate and what challenges it brings to city and local governements, as well as examples of mitigation as it relates to climate change in Larimer County. 
Representatives in this podcast: 
  • Anne Miller - Colorado Resiliency Office Director in the Colorado Office of Local Affairs 
  • Russ Schumacher - Colorado State Climatologist 
  • Maya Machamer - Co-founder and Director of the Boulder Watershed Collective 
  • Jim Webster - Wildfire Partners Program Coordinator for Boulder County 
  • Lori Hodges - Director Office of Emergency Management for Larimer County 
  • Jessica Olsen - Executive Director of the Left Hand Watershed Center