Colorado’s Enterprise Zone Program is designed to spur economic and community development in targeted geographies around the state. Private businesses located within an Enterprise Zone may qualify for incentives related to business investment, company expansion, and/or new business relocation.

Visit the Colorado Office of Economic Development & International Trade (OEDIT) website for a comprehensive list of business tax credits.

Please note that all business must pre-certify with the State prior to performing an activity that will earn an Enterprise Zone tax credit. The pre-certification form can be completed online on the OEDIT website.

Colorado has an Interactive Address Locator to find out if your business is located in an Enterprise Zone. This address locator is the most accurate way to determine if an address is within the zone, as the program boundaries are frequently revised. There are 5 areas with Enterprise Zones within Larimer County. Printable PDF maps are available for general reference of these areas:

Contribution Tax Credit

In addition to tax credits for private businesses, the Enterprise Zone Program encourages contributions to non-profit organizations that serve an Enterprise Zone and the population therein.

Taxpayers who make a monetary contribution to an approved Enterprise Zone Project may claim a 25% state income tax credit based on the value of the contribution (up to a maximum $100,000 credit.) In-kind contributions may also qualify the taxpayer to claim a 12.5% state income tax credit based on the value of the contribution.

Colorado OEDIT maintains a downloadable list of active Enterprise Zone Projects, which include projects in Larimer County Enterprise Zones.

Non-Profit Organizations

Are you a non-profit organization that is located within the zone and/or services a population within the zone and would like to learn how to become a certified Enterprise Zone project? Please contact Evan Wendlandt at


  1. Enterprise Zones have a unique set of tax credit opportunities that are not available in the rest of Colorado. OEDIT maintains a comprehensive list of potential tax credits.

  2. Larimer has five subzones in Berthoud, Fort Collins, Loveland, Wellington and Estes Park.

  3. To determine if your business address is located within the Enterprise Zone, use the interactive address locator. Enter your full address in the box. If your address falls within the shaded area, you are in the zone. (For an example of what an address in the Enterprise Zone looks like insert: “200 West Oak Street, Fort Collins,” in the box.)

  4. Pre-certification is required prior to commencing the activity that earns the credit.

  5. Pre-certification does not obligate you to take Enterprise Zone Business Tax Credits. If you apply for the Pre-certification and do not use the tax credits, you do not need to do anything further.

  6. Larimer County has many approved projects. OEDIT maintains a downloadable list of active Enterprise Zone Projects across the state.

  7. Generally the tax credit is 25% of cash donations, and 12.5% of in-kind donations; however, to determine the amount of your tax credit, we recommend you consult your tax professional.

  8. When you donate to an approved project, make sure to note on your donation that you would like the Enterprise Zone Tax Credit. The project will complete the appropriate paperwork. Once processed, you will receive forms for tax filing purposes. For details, you'll need to contact the specific project to which you wish to donate.

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