What are Sector Partnerships?

Colorado Sector Partnerships are industry specific regional partnership led by business in partnership with economic development, education, and workforce development.

Sector Partnerships build industry-led partnerships, in a shared labor market region, which strengthen regional economies
and align education and training systems with the needs of industry. Sector partnerships also focus on other issues related to an industry’s competitiveness. This ensures deeper, broader, and longer-term industry engagement and success.

Who's Involved?

  • Business members of a target industry make up the inner table. This is where businesses shape and drive an agenda, one that has a heavy (but not exclusive) workforce & education component.
  • Support partners from the community, including decision-makers from the workforce system, (workforce development boards), Job Centers, education (including K-12, Career and Technical Education, community and technical colleges, and 4-year institutions), community-based training organizations, apprenticeship programs, as well as key economic development organizations and Chambers of Commerce, and other stakeholders make up an outer table.

Sector Partnerships in Northern Colorado 

Northern Colorado Health Sector Partnership

The Northern Colorado Health Sector Partnership brings together key stakeholders to promote and improve health within our communities. They will collaborate across disciplines, organizations and communities to seize opportunities, solve problems and celebrate successes in the region.

NoCo Manufacturing Sector Partnership

Supporting Northern Colorado manufacturers of all types, the NoCo Manufacturing Partnership works to expand sustainable manufacturing and support the industrial process. They embrace education, collaboration and community involvement. The all-volunteer, business-led organization proudly recognizes manufacturing as a staple of the Northern Colorado economies.

NoCo Manufacturing Partnership’s mission is to make American manufacturing great by driving a passionate, collaborative partnership, so that Northern Colorado manufacturing and our communities thrive.

Northern Colorado Construction Sector Partnership

The Northern Colorado Construction Sector Partnership exist to improve the overall perception of our industry to students and parents and to demonstrate the impact our industry creates within our communities.

They are actively working to represent, communicate, and raise awareness as well as increase our industry’s involvement with K-12 programs to create a pipeline of accurate information and promote learning opportunities to youth considering construction as a career.



For more information on sector partners contact:

Adam Crowe
(970) 498-6641

Sandra Jackam
(970) 498-6635