Work search requirements for receiving unemployment benefits.

There are significant changes to the online Unemployment Benefits System.  Colorado Department of Labor and Employment is transitioning to a new benefit system called MyUI+.  The state’s unemployment system had been split into two separate computer systems since the pandemic began — one for those on regular unemployment, the other for those on Pandemic Unemployment Assistance (PUA). Those on regular unemployment file every other week while those on PUA file weekly.  The new computer upgrade will put everyone on the same computer system and everyone will be able to file weekly.  Learn more about MyUI+.

To receive unemployment benefits you will have to complete and upload at least one work search activity into MyUI+ every week.

We've created this page to answer the most common questions regarding work search requirements*.  We're here to help you, we know managing a layoff is challenging, view our page on managing a layoff for additional services that may be of help.      

*If you are receiving Pandemic Unemployment Assistance (self-employed, a gig worker or independent contractor with no W-2 wages), the work search activities allowed are different from the regular UI work search activities.  However, you may also choose to complete any of the regular unemployment work search activities listed.  
To see the complete list of  the work search activities from the State of Colorado view the eligibility requirements.

Weekly Work Search Activities

If you receive a letter stating your job attached status has ended, this will not interrupt your benefits.  Be sure your Connecting Colorado profile is up-to-date, begin the work search requirement and continue to request payment as usual.  You are required to complete work search activities every week you receive UI benefits.  

It is recommended you complete 5 work search activities per week. This will help you return to work sooner so that you do not exhaust your benefits before finding your next job opportunity.  However, you are only required to conduct one verifiable work search activity per week.  The verifiable activity must be uploaded into your MyUI+ account in order to receive your benefit.

Examples of Verifiable Work Search Activities:

  • Applying for a job for which you are reasonably qualified
  • Interviewing for a job for which you are reasonably qualified
  • Taking an exam required as part of the application process for a new job for which you are reasonably
  • Being referred to a job by a state workforce center or other entity which provides similar services
  • Adding a resume to an online job board

View additional work search activity and guidance

Examples of Verifiable and/or Countable Work Search Activities

  • You update your resume and then submit a resume review through Connecting Colorado; the act of updating your resume would not be verifiable but would count as one of your recommended work search activities.  Submitting your resume to us for review would count as a verifiable activity since it can be confirmed that we reviewed your resume.
  • You attend a Virtual Interviewing workshop through Larimer County Economic and Workforce Development and the next day you practice answering common interview questions with a friend; attending the workshop would be a verifiable activity because we can confirm your attendance.  Practicing with a friend cannot be verified but would count as one of your recommended activities.
  • You spend 2 hours one day browsing Connecting Colorado for job postings but do not find a position you’d like to apply for. The next day you see a position posted on LinkedIn and submit your resume for that position; applying for the position would be a verifiable activity. Browsing job postings would not be a verifiable activity.

Be sure to document both countable and verifiable work search activities.  See documenting work search activities below.

 In your new MyUI+ account, you will upload your one verifiable work search activity each week, in order to receive your benefit.  

Two Examples of Recording Verifiable Work Activities  


  1. Job attached means that you are expected to return to your most recent employer after a separation of up to 16 weeks. If you are job attached, your work-search requirements may be waived, but you must be available to return to work during this time frame.   You may have received a notice recently stating that your job attached status has ended.  

    Please note that Larimer County Economic and Workforce Development (LCEWD) does NOT determine job attached status.  If you feel there is an error in your job attached status, contact the Unemployment Office at 303.536.5615.

  2. We know that layoffs/furloughs are challenging, Larimer County Economic and Workforce Development has a variety of services to help you navigate to your next opportunity.  View our managing a layoff resources for additional information on our services:

    Services Include:


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