Register with your Workforce Center

Registering at your local workforce center is done by creating an account in Connecting Colorado, a statewide job search site. It is a convenient and secure site for employers to post their open positions and for job seekers to search for work utilizing a variety of filters. Within your account, you can upload and store job search documents, such as a resume or cover letter.

If you have previously registered in Connecting Colorado, and your account is not utilized, it goes “inactive” and looks to the Unemployment Insurance system as though you are not registered.  To keep your account active,  please log into your account once every 60 days.  

If you are unable to register or log into Connecting Colorado, please call us at 970.498.6600. 

Connecting Colorado

Sign in to your Connecting Colorado  account or register* today!

*Registering in Connecting Colorado is a requirement to receive Unemployment Insurance benefits.