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Find your path. Education & employment are everything, but not everyone is equal when it comes to how & when these are achieved.

The Larimer County CareerRise team supports a variety of customized services for those, ages 16-24, who are facing financial and/or other obstacles.

Paired with a Career Specialist, you will design a career plan to support services that could include:

  • Intensive career guidance & employment support
  • Financial support & training for those obtaining a HSE/GED
  • Paid internships
  • Transition support after high school
  • Tuition support for additional training & education

The inCompass program is funded through the Workforce Innovation & Opportunity Act (WIOA).

WIOA Complaint & Grievance Process

How do I get started with inCompass?

  • 1 Determine if you are eligible

    Eligible youth must meet ALL of the following criteria:

    • Ages 16-24

    Not currently enrolled in school or training 

    • Face a challenge to employment. One of the below criteria must be met:
      • Dropped out of high school
      • Pregnant/parenting
      • Justice involved (probation and/or have a criminal background)
      • Foster Care (current or aged out)
      • Documented disability/mental health diagnosis
      • Homeless/couch surfing
        • If none of the above challenges apply to you & you are part of a low income household, you may still be eligible! A staff person will want to speak with you first to ensure you meet other criteria before applying

  • 2 Complete Our Interest Form 

  • The inCompass Program is not currently accepting new applications. If you'd like to be notified when we reopen, please complete this INTEREST FORM and we will notify you via email when the program reopens.
  • If you'd like support with general job search, please feel free to check out our Employment Support Services where you can find resources and connect directly with a Career Specialist for support.