No Cost Nutrition Webinars

Join us for a series of no-cost webinars in the summer of 2022. These webinars are being offered as part of our Market Days! for Older Adults program, but they are open for anyone to attend! 

Nutrition for Older Adults

Date & Time: Tuesday, July 19th @ 2pm

Can eating well help you maintain your independence as you age?
The answer is Yes! In this workshop, we'll provide strategies you can use to eat healthy as you age and share some delicious recipes!

Learn about:

  • Key nutrients to consider including in your diet
  • How to identify nutrient-dense foods
  • Ways to avoid dehydration
  • How to make healthy food choices
  • How eating healthy will help you feel better and maintain your independence.

Watch the recording of Nutrition for Older Adults


Preserving Food With Confidence

Date & Time: Tuesday, August 16th @ 2pm

Join this class to learn smart and practical ways to reduce food waste by using food preservation techniques such as freezing, quick pickling, and dehydrating.

Come away with tips to lengthen the life of your food in a variety of ways without needing a lot of equipment, including produce and herbs, meat, dairy, baked goods and more!

Watch the recording of Preserving Food With Confidence


Mediterranean Diet on a Budget

Date & Time: Tuesday, September 27th @ 2pm

Many long-term health benefits have been associated with following a Mediterranean lifestyle, including weight loss, reduced blood pressure and cholesterol, and reduced risk for various chronic diseases. Yet, it is not about cutting calories and restricting foods like many popular diet trends in America today. Learn more about the Mediterranean lifestyle, how to incorporate it easily into your life, and how to do it on a budget.


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