Event insurance (general liability) is an insurance policy that protects the event holder individually from being financially responsible for claims or suits arising out of or caused by the particular event being held. This protection includes costs associated with property damage or injury caused during the event.

Event insurance coverage can be purchased for periods shorter than 24 hours, or for an event that lasts one to several days.

The cost of event coverage depends on the insurance carrier, the number of days, the type of event being held, and any additional endorsements purchased. Event insurance is standard coverage in the United States and is offered for a relatively nominal cost compared to the costs associated with a potential loss.

An insurance carrier will provide a certificate of insurance (COI) to the insured after the coverage has been purchased and upon request. Larimer County requires a copy of the certificate of insurance as proof of the event insurance status, coverage details, and effective dates.

The certificate of insurance that is provided must include Larimer County as the certificate holder, and have Larimer County listed as additional insured. Please see the below link for an example of a certificate of insurance (COI); the additional insured and the certificate holder section are highlighted as a reference.

Larimer County cannot supply a list of insurance carriers who provide event insurance or show a preference for one carrier over another. To learn more about event insurance and the insurance carriers who provide coverage for events held in Colorado - contact an insurance agent or complete an Internet search that includes the words "Event Coverage, Colorado".

For questions regarding Special Event insurance requirements, contact the Risk Management Division at InsuranceCert@larimer.org.

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