Effective January 1, 2024, bag fees collected by your store should not be remitted to Larimer County. Instead, the fees should be retained by your store and used for the purposes authorized by the State of Colorado.

Colorado House Bill HB23-1285 states that if a local government does not accept carryout bag fees, the store is still obligated to collect and retain the fee. The store must utilize the $.06 per bag fee that would have been remitted to the local government for either of the following purposes:

  • Any recycling, composting, waste diversion programs, or related outreach and education activities.
  • The purchase of reusable bags.

Copies of the bills that established the carryout bag fee processes are attached for your convenience. The first few pages of HB21-1162 contain definitions that could be helpful when selecting what type of bags qualify as reusable.

House Bill 21-1162

House Bill 23-1285

Larimer County Court House 4-17-2020

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