1. All ranges will be adjusted by 10% from the midpoint.

    • Ranges increases are made from the midpoint, and then entry and max are calculated based on range width, 50% for Executive and 40% for all others.
  2. Our goals included some of the following:

    • Do the most for employees with reasonable fiscal impacts, understanding revenue challenges, and forecasting of the County General fund.
    • Ensure employees do not “leapfrog” other employees in compensation.
    • Focus increases on the lowest-paid employees, employees paid 10-20% below market average.
    • Ensure highest-paid employees, employees paid 20% above market, receive at least 2%, and become eligible for a merit increase in 2022 (addressing the 300 employees at the max of the pay ranges).
    • Ensure the minimum of the range was hiring at a rate, no less than 10% under market.
    • Ensure that the maximum of the range compensated employees at 30% above market value.

    1. Employees have a position in the current range based on their rate of pay.  Currently, employees are spread from minimum to maximum of our ranges.
    2. Once the ranges are adjusted, employees will be placed in the same position as the first three-quarters of the new range.  
      • By using the first three-quarters of the new range the last quarter remains open for employees previously at the max to be eligible to earn merit increases, and continue progression.  
      • This methodology also mitigated total cost to a significant pay plan change.
  4. No, they aren't. Here are the employees who aren't included:

    • Temporary employees are not included.
    • The Sheriff Step Plan employees are not included.
    • Employees in jobs that are grade 200 (only grade 200).  Jobs in the 200 grade is not market-based, and employees’ salaries are set by the decision-maker. Examples of these jobs include Deputy District Attorney’s, Sheriff Captain, Public Health Director, and Deputy County Attorney.
  5. Market-based Executive Jobs - jobs in grades 203-212 are included; the grades will be adjusted by 10% and will remain 50% wide.

  6. No, pay increases will vary from approximately 2% to 10%. The range for pay increases is due to the employee’s position in the range currently.

    • Employees lowest in the range (paid the lowest below market value), will receive a larger increase.
    • Employees highest in the range (paid the highest above market), will receive the lowest increase.\
    • Employees that were previously at the max of the range will be eligible for a merit increase in 2022 if achieved.
  7. January 13, 2022, which is the first day of the first pay period in January.

  8. For jobs/employees that qualify for this increase (not grade 200 jobs, and not the step plan), this action will replace the 2% market increase. The previously approved 2% merit for 2022 remains active for eligible employees.

    • Increases will be provided effective January 13, 2022 (the first full pay period in 2022).
    • Employees that meet the appropriate performance requirements will be eligible for their merit increase on their evaluation date.
      • Note:  Employees at the max in 2021, will not longer be at the max in 2022, and will be eligible to earn their merit increase.
  9. Internal practices will need to be reviewed as the changes will impact compression, and the processes will need to be reviewed. Some examples include:

    • Social Caseworker I to II
    • Road and Bridge variable
    • CJS promotional pay rate setting
    • ALL jobs that flex staff
    • If the start date is prior to January 13, 2022, use the current pay ranges.
      • Can I tell new hires that they will get a pay increase on January 13, 2022?
        Yes.  To determine the amount increase, ask your payroll rep to review the salary, if it’s the same as someone current in your department that will make it easy, otherwise the payroll rep can work with Jen Z to determine the rate.
    • If the start date is January 13, 2022 or after, use the new ranges. New ranges will be posted on the compensation page by September 1st.

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