Jobs are reclassified when there are ongoing and significant changes in the employee’s job responsibilities. Job descriptions are not intended to be all inclusive of the content of a specific job, but rather serve as a broad description of the general nature and level of the work involved.

  • Reclassification of an existing job may be initiated by the employee or the supervisor. A submission of a Position Description Questionnaire (PDQ) by the employee or a written request needs to be completed. A PDQ must be completed by the employee and submitted first to the supervisor, then the Decision Maker, and finally the HR Generalist.
  • A PDQ is a document used for evaluation of a position, this could be for a reclassification, reorganization, or a job study. A PDQ documents information about a position to include: duties and tasks, time spent performing duties and tasks, knowledge, skills and abilities, supervisory responsibilities and other responsibilities of the position.

Sometimes it's helpful to spend a week or so documenting the tasks that are done in the position, this will make it easier to fill out the PDQ. Be concise when describing the duties and tasks in the PDQ, provide an overall function, and then add several bullets underneath to help better describe the overall function. There is an example duty described in the instructions of the form. Estimate the percentage of time the overall function is being performed. The percentages of time spent on the duties should add up to 100%, no more, no less.

The PDQ should be reviewed and approved by the Supervisor. It is recommended that the employee AND the supervisor take time to discuss the information in the PDQ. There is a disclaimer at the bottom of the PDQ that by signing the document, the individual signing validates that the information listed is accurate.



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