• Each job in the open range pay plan is assigned to a pay grade.
  • Regular/Limited Term Employees:
    • A Decision Maker can hire an employee at a pay rate up to the midpoint of the range for the job classification.
    • A Decision Maker can request approval to hire an employee at a pay rate greater than the midpoint of the range up to the max of the pay range for the job classification by submitting the request in writing to the Human Resources Director for review, and then approval by the County Manager. 
    • A Decision Maker does not need approval to pay an employee they are promoting above the midpoint if that employee is already being paid above midpoint in their current job.
  • Temporary Employees:
    • These employees are paid a base pay rate as determined by the Decision Maker taking into account equal pay for equal work.
  • Sign on Bonuses:
    • Hiring managers may offer sign on bonuses to candidates for hard to fill, or other special circumstances when approved by the County Manager.
    • Hiring Managers wishing to offer such a bonus should first obtain approval of their Decision Maker, and then consult with a Human Resources Generalist prior to submitting the request to the County Manager.
    • As a recruiting aid, the Decision Maker may authorize up to 15 days of vacation leave to be granted to the eligible employee upon hire.  For periods of leave up to ten days, before granting the vacation leave, the Decision Maker must obtain approval of the Human Resources Director or designee.  For periods of leave of more than ten days, before granting the vacation leave, the Decision Maker must obtain approval of the County Manager or designee.
  • How to determine the starting rate?

An employee’s base pay may be adjusted without a change in job as a result of salary inequities, salary compression (between supervisor and subordinate) or career progression. The Decision Maker may request a review by Human Resources for inequities within a job title and/or compression by submitting a written justification. Base pay adjustments are approved by the Human Resources Director or designee.

Compensating employees the same when they perform the same or similar job duties, while accounting for other factors, such as their experience level, job performance and tenure.

Comp Time is time off granted in lieu of overtime payment for non-exempt employees. For every hour worked, eligible non-exempt employees (Regular, Limited Term and Temporary) may be granted one and one-half hours of Comp Time off. Decision Makers may decide whether or not to offer Comp Time to employees in their departments.

Compensation Policy 331.5.V - Compensatory Time


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