Larimer County has entered into a partnership with Summit Stone for the following services. Please refer to the included flyers for additional details.


SummitStone Health Partners
1217 Riverside Ave, Fort Collins, CO
Phone: (970) 494-4200 (option 4)

  • Mobile Crisis Response
    Available 24/7/365, provides interventions to individuals when called upon due to a self-defined behavioral health crisis.  Summit Stone will intervene wherever the crisis occurs, when a behavioral health response is appropriate and/or coordinate with emergency response teams if the situation requires. Service includes screening, assessment, and referrals as needed.
  • Behavioral Urgent Care
    If an employee would prefer to seek assistance at a physical Summit Stone location and Larimer County staff believe it is safe/appropriate to make a referral to do so, urgent care services are available 365 days a year, from 8:00am to 12:00am. Urgent care services are unavailable between the hours of 12am and 8am. Urgent Care services include screening, assessment, and referrals to appropriate resources.
  • Crisis Stabilization Unit
    For high-risk employees, Summit Stone offers “Crisis stabilization unit” or “CSU”, which is a facility utilizing a restrictive egress alert device, which serves individuals requiring 24-hour intensive behavioral health crisis intervention for up to five days and cannot be accommodated in a less restrictive environment (i.e. Urgent Care). Services provided on a Crisis Stabilization Unit include:
    • Full psychiatric evaluation by a physician or other professional authorized by statute to order medications within 24 hours of admission;
    • Medical and medication treatment (prescriptions will be billed to individual or individual’s insurance if prescribed);
    • Service planning;
    • Peer support, when clinically appropriate;
    • Treatment, to include individual counseling; and/or groups;
    • Case management;
    • Service coordination and referral;
    • Discharge planning.

North Range Behavioral Health
928 12th St, Greeley, CO
Phone: (970) 347-2120 (option 2)

Crisis support, assessment, and de-escalation is available
at no cost to you.

We can help in person, over the phone, or dispatch a mobile response.

  • North Range Crisis Stabilization
    • 24-hour, short-term residential stabilization and withdrawal management support.
    • Includes assessments, referrals, motivational interviewing, onsite group therapy, and education.
    • Stabilization support includes voluntary or involuntary holds.



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