Review the Hiring Flow Chart X  
Work with Recruiter to Create a Timeline X X
Create Requisition in NeoGov X  
Review and Authorize the Requisition   X
Create the Job Posting   X
Advertise Job   X
Create Hiring Workflow X  
Screen Candidates for Minimum Qualifications   X
Notify Applicants that DO NOT Meet Minimum Qualifications   X
Refer Qualified Candidates to Hiring Manager   X
Optional: Order eSkills Testing   X
Move successful candidates from eSkills testing into Interview Workflow. X  
Work with Recruiter to Develop Interview Questions X X
Schedule Interviews X  
Conduct Phone Interviews X  
Schedule In-Person/Virtual Interviews X  
Conduct Interviews X  
Extend Verbal Offer to Candidate X  
Create and Extend Official Offer X  
Order Pre-employment Testing (once offer is accepted)   X
Send "What's Next" Email to Candidate X  
Once pre-employment testing results are received, move new hire to onboarding.   X
Complete Onboarding Process X  
Verbally notify other interviewed candidates the position has been filled. X  
Complete Interview Packet Submittal form and send your interview notes to Recruiting. Electronic copies can be shared via email. X  
Close Job   X



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