Comp Time is time off granted in lieu of overtime payment for non-exempt employees. For every hour worked, eligible non-exempt employees (Regular, Limited Term and Temporary) would be granted one and one-half hours of comp time off.

These hours are tracked in the employee’s Compensatory Plan leave bank.

Employees may accrue a Comp Time balance of up to 60 hours (maximum hours may vary by department). Any hours worked beyond the maximum allowed must be paid at the overtime rate.

The Appointing Authority may rescind the Compensatory Time Agreement at any time.


  • An employee with a Comp Time off balance may request payment for the accumulated hours at any time.
  • The employee may request payment for all or part of the accrued hours, and the employee is paid using the pay rate in effect when the payment is processed.
  • In order to be paid in the current payroll cycle, the employee's request must be submitted by the payroll due date for the current payroll cycle.
  • The Appointing Authority may choose to pay the employee all or part of the Comp Time off balance at any time.
  • A terminating employee with a Comp Time balance must be paid for all accrued hours using the employee's pay rate at the time of termination.



Policies and Procedures, 331.5, VI




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