Parking permits are used to park at the Civic Center Parking Structure (CCPS) located downtown Fort Collins. This parking structure is owned and managed by the City of Fort Collins.  County employees must complete the City of Fort Collins Parking Permit form.  Employees of the County pay a reduced rate for parking and the current rate is set up as a non-taxable deduction from their paycheck.

Current County Employee Rate = $12.00 per month.

Payroll Deduction and Issuance of Parking Permit

  1. Larimer County employees must fill out a CCPS Parking Permit Form. The form can be obtained from the Larimer County Bulletin Board, The Human Resource Department, or the employee's Payroll Representative.
  2. The employee will need to know their "Access Control Device” number (aka FOB) from their County-issued access device. If they cannot locate this number, they can ask their Department Access Control Representative, or contact the Sheriff’s Office.
  3. The employee will take the completed and signed form to the City of Fort Collins Parking Services to obtain a vehicle permit. Once the City of Fort Collins enters your "Access Control Device” number (aka FOB) into their system, then the employee will be able to access the parking structure by using their FOB.  The employee will also be given a sticker to be attached to the rear bumper of their vehicle.

    Contact information:
    City of Fort Collins Parking Services
    215 N. Mason Street, 1st Floor, South Wing
    Fort Collins, CO
  4. Fort Collins Parking Services will send the form to Larimer County Payroll either through interdepartmental mail or fax @ 498-5980. The date the form is signed by the employee is the date used to determine when the monthly parking fee will be set up for Larimer County payroll deduction.  The deduction is taken out of the first paycheck of every month.

Parking Structure Rules and Information
Be sure to read through all the rules that are attached to the Parking Permit form.

Need a New Blue Sticker?
If you purchased a new vehicle and need to get a blue sticker for it, go to the City of Fort Collins Parking Services.  Give them your name, and they can look you up in their system.  They will record your new vehicle information for their records and give you a new sticker.

Procedure for discontinuance of parking privileges and payroll deduction

  1. Go to the City of Fort Collins Parking Services to notify them that you want to discontinue your parking permit.
  2. The City of Fort Collins Parking Services will notify Larimer County Payroll by email to stop the payroll deduction. 



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