An employee can receive advance payment of wages only in a bona fide emergency situation and with approval of their Appointing Authority and the Payroll Manager or Payroll Supervisor.


** Approved Requests must be received by the Payroll deadline. **


An approved request for a payroll advance will not be processed after the pay period end date.  This means no advance will be given between the window of the Wednesday pay period ending date and the following Friday pay date for hours worked that pay period. Contact HR-Payroll if you have any questions about this deadline.

Requests for a payroll advance will not be approved in consecutive pay periods for the same employee.  A payroll advance cannot exceed 75% of the unpaid wages actually earned at the time of the request.  Payroll will also review the request to make sure all required benefit and legal deductions are met.


Payroll Advance Form (LCHR-13)


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