Individual Professional Coaching

Individual professional coaching available by request.

Larimer County Human Resources encourages you to take charge of your professional development. One way to accomplish this is through Professional Coaching.

Key Benefits of Professional Coaching include:

  • Building confidence in yourself, others and your team
  • Creating a clear vision of your personal best, then live it each day
  • Striving to your highest potential - for the organization, department, and team 
  • Accelerating change management as a business process
  • Re-energizing yourself by building the work you love into each day
  • Creating, influencing, and changing your workplace culture

The Human Resources Department has partnered with professional coaches to bring you this opportunity to further develop yourself and your performance.

If you are interested in learning more, please talk with your supervisor, and then contact your HR Generalist. Your Generalist can either recommend a few coaches based on your area of interest or provide you bios of all the coaches to review and select from.

HR will cover the coaching fee for up to 4 sessions, after that the coaching fees are paid by the department or the employee.