In an effort to better equip Larimer County managers and supervisors, Human Resources has developed a mandatory Supervisor Essentials training program. Managers and supervisors will be expected to complete the 10-hour virtual program upon initial hire or promotion, and then every three years as long as they remain a manager or supervisor.

How Does it Work?

Each January and July, HR runs a report of any new supervisors who have been hired/promoted or supervisors who haven't completed the training in the last three (3) years. Any supervisor who falls into these categories will automatically be enrolled by HR and receive an email notification from the Learning Center once they are enrolled. Every three years after the initial enrollment supervisors can expect to be enrolled again. This will all be completed and tracked by Human Resources.
Supervisors will have 6 months to complete the required 10 hour virtual course in the Learning Center. Supervisors and managers do not need to complete the 10 hour training all at once. The Supervisor Essentials training program can be completed incrementally and at the supervisor's pace.
This does not apply to supervisors in the Sheriff's Office. However, if you work in the Sheriff's Office and would like to complete Supervisor Essentials training, please contact Marcy Hamilton.

Class Topics Include:

  • Cybersecurity
  • IT Onboarding
  • Finance
  • Risk
  • Effective Discipline and Performance Management
  • Conducting Legal Performance Evaluations
  • Hours Worked
  • Purchasing 101
  • FMLA
  • Employee Wellness Program
  • The Happiness Advantage
  • The ADA Made Simple
  • Legal Issues
  • Emergency Management and Emergency Preparedness
  • HR Tips and Tricks
  • Recruiting
  • Legal Interviewing: Asking the Right Questions
  • Payroll

If you have any questions about Supervisor Essentials, please contact your HR Generalist.


  1. Supervisor Essentials is required upon hire (as a manager or supervisor) or promotion to a manager/supervisor. Once it's initially completed, Supervisor Essentials will be a required training every 3 years.

  2. The Supervisor Essentials training classes aren't available to all employees. When it's time for you to complete Supervisor Essentials, you will be automatically enrolled and you'll receive notification from our LMS system that it's available.

  3. It will take you about 9-10 hours to complete the training.


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