• Image 1: Inmate Communication

The Jail contracts with ViaPath Technologies, formerly GTL, to provide communication tools to inmates and the public. The website is a fast and convenient way to create an account and start communication using the following tools:

  • Digital Mail
  • Messaging
  • Phone calls
  • Visits


Keep reading below for more details how to contact inmates at the Larimer County Jail.

All personal mail including letters, pictures, and drawings will be digitally scanned and delivered to inmates via tablets.  

Send physical mail to:

Larimer County Jail, CO

Inmate Name, Inmate Booking #

P.O. Box 247

Phoenix, MD 21131

For example:

Larimer County Jail, CO
John Smith BN#11111
PO Box 247
Phoenix, MD 21131

IMPORTANT: The address must include “BN#” with your inmate’s booking number in order to be delivered. The inmate booking number can be found by navigating to the Larimer County Jail Inmate Information search and entering the inmate’s name into the search box.

The digital mail scanning does not apply to attorney-client privileged mail, which should continue to go directly to the facility:

Larimer County Jail
(Inmate’s Name)
2405 Midpoint Drive
Fort Collins, CO 80525

Inmates are allowed to send and receive digital text messages from registered contacts through GettingOut online or with the GettingOut mobile app for Android or iOS.

Messages are not confidential and should not include sensitive confidential information.

    Inmates are allowed to make collect and pre-paid telephone calls from their housing areas.  Telephone calls are limited to 15 minutes in duration to allow all inmates equal access to the telephone.  Times for telephone calls are limited based on the needs of the facility.  Calls from the Larimer County Jail are from a corrections facility and all calls are subject to monitoring and recording.  Inmates CANNOT receive incoming calls. If you receive unwanted telephone calls from an inmate, call the jail (970) 498-5200 and ask to speak to a supervisor.

    If you are a verified attorney or professional visitor you may dial 970-498-5200 option #6 to access a free and non-recorded line to speak with your client.


    ConnectNetwork’s AdvancePay prepaid calling works by placing money on your phone number so that when your incarcerated friend/family member calls you, the funds are deducted from the balance on your prepaid account.