The Disruption Discussion Podcast

This podcast was done in collaboration with local community radio station KRFC FM Fort Collins, and stars hosts Shayle Sabo from Larimer Connects and Aaron Titus from Larimer VOAD/Crisis Clean Up.

We explore what it means to be a resilient community, how to overcome disruptions, local efforts in our community, and tools to be a more prepared and connected citizen. 

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Each month we explore a topic on resilience or preparedness, give you an update on what Larimer OEM has been up to, and make sure you know about upcoming local events, trainings, and workshops!

Larimer Connects "Connecting Our Communities" Mini-Grant Program

Larimer Connects was developed based on research that identified the most resilient communities as those that had strong social fabrics. Therefore, we encourage opportunities or events where neighbors get together to get to know each other better and strengthen social ties! 

However, we recognize that sometimes a financial barrier may get in the way of organizing such things, which is why we are excited to implement the "Connecting Our Communities" Mini-Grant Program! 

Starting in the Spring next year, we will offer mini-grants ranging from $250 - $500 on a rolling basis to applicants who want to hold a community event, workshop, or project that demonstrates an improvement to the resilience and social connectivity of your community! Creativity is encouraged! More information to come!