REVISION DATE: April 10, 1996

REVIEW: Annually - April


CONTACT: Environmental Health Director




PURPOSE: To ensure that Larimer County is able to limit illegal dumping of solid waste in order to protect public health and safety.


  1. Illegal dumps present a potential hazard in our community. Contamination of groundwater, surface water or land, and fire hazards are specific examples. Previous to this policy, the County Department of Health and Environment investigated dumpsites on a complaint basis, and encouraged voluntary action to close them. In situations where this was not achieved, cases were referred to the State Health Department for possible enforcement action. The County now desires to initiate enforcement action under the authority authorized in the State Solid Waste Act. The Act authorizes boards of county commissioners to bring action in District Court to force compliance.
  2. The Department of Health and Environment, acting under its statutory mandates to administer and enforce the regulations of the State Board of Health and health-related commissions, and under direction from the Larimer County Board of Health, will continue to investigate cases of illegal dumping.
  3. The Department will prioritize known dumpsites according to potential public health threats. For those cases where a substantial potential public health threat exists, or when other conditions dictate, the Department will inform owners in writing of their responsibility to properly cleanup and close the dumps, and will offer consultation and technical assistance regarding proper cleanup and closure procedure.
    1. If voluntary cleanup and closure is not achieved, the Department will request the Board of County Commissioners to authorize legal action to force closure.
    2. In cases where the Board authorizes legal action, the Department will work with the County Attorney's office in their efforts to prepare the case for district court action.
    3. To measure progress in this effort, a goal of achieving cleanup and closure of six high priority illegal dumps each year is hereby established.

Adopted this 10th day of April 1996



John Clarke, Chair
Larimer County Board of County Commissioners

Larimer County Bulletin Board
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