If you are a victim of domestic violence in Larimer County, you can contact our Victim Advocates at (970) 498-5149.

Additional Local Resources

Alternatives to Violence
(970) 669-5150

ATV is committed to intervention in, education about, and prevention of domestic violence, sexual assault and other violent crimes.

Child and Family Solutions
(970) 224-2080

Our mission is to assist children and families with reaching personal, behavioral, and emotional goals through consistent and caring therapeutic interventions.

Crossroads Safehouse
(970) 482-3535

Crossroads offers free safehousing, advocacy, legal assistance, transitional housing, and education. At our secure Safehouse we annually provide food, clothing, and support for over 300 residents.

Estes Valley Victim Advocates
(970) 577-9781

Estes Valley Victim Advocates provides 24 hour emergency crisis intervention and is an agency committed to the intervention in and prevention of domestic violence, sexual assault and other crimes through advocacy, counseling, information, referrals, and education to the community.

Larimer Center for Mental Health
(970) 472-4202

The Larimer Center for Mental Health's mission is to deliver to the residents of Larimer County high quality mental health treatment, education and supportive services to promote improved quality of life for persons with emotional and stress-related disorders and mental illness.

Lutheran Family Services
(970) 266-1788

Assists and provides support to victims regardless of race, religion, gender, or age to help equip them to live full and whole lives and to heal, strengthen, and provide hope.