Sex Offender Registration

If you live in unincorporated Larimer County and you need to register as a Sex Offender you must make an appointment by calling 970-498-5100 and enter 8 then 4 when you hear the attendant’s voice. 

  • Arrive in person to Larimer County Sheriff's Office Administration Building, located at 2501 Midpoint Drive at your scheduled appointment time.  
  • You must fill out all paperwork given to you by the front desk deputies and pay appropriate fees for your registration.         
  • Initial Registration Fee is $75      
  • Renewal Registration Fee is $25 each time you renew
  • Upon your initial registration you will be fingerprinted and photographed

If you have general questions regarding sex offender registration, please call the Larimer County Sheriff's Office Administration front desk at (970) 498-5100.  If you have specific questions you may also call (970) 498-5142.

FAILURE TO REGISTER - C.R.S. (Colorado Revised Statutes) 18-03-0412.5 

Colorado Law States: Failure to register, submission of false information or failure to comply with registration requirements is a CLASS 6 FELONY if conviction or adjudication was a felony and is a misdemeanor if conviction or adjudication was a misdemeanor.