The Larimer County Sheriff’s Office is one of three area agencies who staff and maintain the Northern Colorado Bomb Squad. The other two participating agencies are Fort Collins Police Services and the Loveland Police Department.

Deputies are assigned to the Bomb Squad for a minimum of five years and are trained by the FBI and the U.S. Army. Assignment to the Bomb Squad is in addition to a deputy's regular duties.

The Bomb Squad is available 24/7, 365 days a year to respond as required throughout the Northeast region of Colorado. The squad responds to reports of actual and suspected explosive devices including suspicious bags, packages, and military ordinance. They provide for the safe transportation and disposal of explosives, fireworks and ammunition, as well as support to area HazMat and SWAT teams.

The Bomb Squad may be contacted through the dispatch centers of the Larimer County Sheriff’s Office, Fort Collins Police Services, and the Loveland Police Department.

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