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If you have a desire to serve in law enforcement or are just looking for a way to  give back to your community, becoming a Reserve Deputy may be a great fit for you. 

Reserve Deputies are dedicated to protecting the lives and property of our community by serving as a volunteer unit within the Patrol Division at the Larimer County Sheriff’s Office. 

Reserve Deputies volunteer thousands of hours each year to the community by assisting in: 

• Augmenting the Sheriff’s Office’s Patrol Unit by adding more deputies on the street

• Security and traffic control for special assignments 

• Emergency callouts such as assisting with natural disasters or critical incidents

• Leading agency internal training 

• Providing support to other departments within the agency, such as court services or in the jail

Take your first step in the process of becoming a Reserve Deputy by completing the application below. 

Apply now for the next Reserve Academy starting in January 2025!

Reserve Deputy Application

In addition to a personal sense of satisfaction and accomplishment, serving as a Reserve Deputy allows  you to be a vital part of an organization recognized as one of the finest law enforcement agencies in  Colorado. You will have a chance to serve and train alongside full-time, professional peace officers of  the highest caliber. The feelings of belonging to a special group and the friendships you make are great. 

The Reserve Unit is eager to welcome new members and has programs designed to quickly help you  feel at home. To assist you in getting started, there is a mentoring program that begins while you are in  the Reserve Academy. Upon graduation, all Reserves are assigned to squads which partner you with  senior Reserves and allow members to get to know one another. 

Having fun is also a part of being a Reserve. Throughout the year, there are opportunities to build  friendships through agency-sponsored get-togethers such as the annual summer camping trip and  Christmas party.

Applications are accepted throughout the year and hiring occurs annually in the winter/summer period.  The hiring process takes approximately four months. Applicants are required to pass a written test as  the first step in the hiring process. If successful, Reserve Deputy candidates are required to complete a  Physical Fitness Test, Oral Board Interview, Background Investigation, Polygraph Examination, and  written Psychological Test. 

Successful candidates attend the POST Reserve Academy sponsored by the Sheriff's Office. The  Academy is a 257-hour program that provides classroom instruction and basic skills training in  firearms, driving, and arrest control techniques. Classes are held in-person at the Sheriff’s Office  Administration Building during evenings and on weekends for approximately three months. Reserve Deputy candidates must attend all classes. 

The POST Reserve Academy is not a substitute for a full-time Peace Officer POST Academy. If individuals  are interested in pursuing a full-time career in law enforcement, they must graduate from a full-time  POST Academy. The Larimer County Reserve Academy generally begins in August each year. 

This program is designed to comply with Colorado Revised Statute 16.2.5-110 which describes the  requirements and authorization of a Reserve Deputy Sheriff in the State of Colorado.

The time commitment of an LCSO Reserve Deputy can have an impact on your life and family. The  program requires volunteers to participate in a minimum of 20 hours per month of patrol ride-along  (two 10-hour shifts); a minimum of three hours of monthly meetings and training, and completion of  various administrative tasks such as reading email messages and completing monthly timesheets.  Reserves are also expected to be available by pager for emergency callouts and special assignments. 

In addition to regular patrol functions, the Reserve Unit provides traffic and security support to the  following types of events: wildland fire callouts, crime scene investigations, CSU football games, Larimer County Fair, Fourth of July events in Red Feather, Estes Park, and Wellington, and many other  community events. 

The Reserves also participate in 40 hours of annual recertification training, which includes Firearms,  Defensive Tactics and Arrest Control, Emergency Vehicle Operations, and First Aid.

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