• Image 1: On-Call Firefighter Program

The on-call firefighter program with the Larimer County Sheriff's Office is a temporary, part-time, on-call position under the direct supervision of the Emergency Services Unit. LCSO Wildland Firefighters are known throughout the United States for top-level training and dedication to safety on the fireline.

Our on-call firefighters assist our Initial Attack Module with wildland fire suppression, management, and control as firefighters on an engine or hand crew. Other duties may involve fire prevention, patrol, detection, or prescribed burning.

On-call firefighters can remain as active within the program as they choose. The program is set up to give on-calls every opportunity possible to respond to incidents and assist with grant-funded project work. The position is only paid when responding to an incident or project, and certain hours cannot be guaranteed because they are based on available work.

The Suppression Module (10-person crew) is increasingly available to receive out-of-county assignments to fight fire all over the country. This has greatly increased the work available to on-calls, although a longer time commitment provides invaluable on-the-job experience and training and the opportunity to make a decent amount of pay. This availability also provides back-fill opportunities on the IA-Module. When Crewmembers are out on dispatch, there is room to work back home to act as a crewmember for up to the duration of a dispatch, or for a few days, depending on module needs and availability of on-call firefighters.

If an on-call firefighter demonstrates competence, good work ethic, and physical fitness, they can be recommended for opportunities to detail with US Forest Service crews. These details can be for up to 60 days.

On-calls are welcome to drop into the cache to chat with the IA Module, with any questions or just want to be more involved and see the day-to-day activities that take place.