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Advent chain
No matter which holiday you are preparing for, it is always fun to count down the days! Here is a reuse craft that will keep your family busy doing good deeds and making memories while they wait for the big day. REUSE paper at home to make a countdown chain.

Gather supplies:
- Colorful paper to make strips for the chain links. Reuse wrapping paper scraps, catalog and calendar pages or colored envelopes.

- Printed list of  


- Glue and tape or staples

1. Cut strips of colorful paper between 5" - 6" long and 1" wide. 

2. Cut apart the

you want to do with your family - one for each day.

3. Glue a challenge to each strip for the number of days in your countdown.

4. Create your chain by gluing or stapling the first strip into a loop. Slide the next strip inside the first loop before fastening the ends together. Continue adding strips to form a chain.

5. Finally, cut out the countdown numbers and add one to each link of your chain to help count the days.

Advent Calendar with Cubbies

DIY advent calendar
DIY advent
Alternatively, make cubbies for each day. For this activity you'll use toilet paper rolls instead of strips of paper (about one for every 2-3 days) and extra colorful paper, paper bags or tissue paper.

1. Cut toilet paper rolls into about 2-3 pieces to make small, shallow cubbies (see pics).

2. Glue sections of toilet paper rolls to a cardboard base covered with wrapping paper. Make sure that there is a cubby for each day until the holiday.

3. Hide the 

inside each opening and cover the opening with a small circle of holiday paper and glue.

4. Number each cubby to help count down the days.