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Blog entry by Cindy Tunney

DIY face masks
Hey Folks! With all the worry about the spread of germs, I decided to make some face masks for my family using things I had around the house. This mask isn’t something that a nurse would wear. It’s made to keep me from inhaling hay in the barn, breathing pollen when I walk my dog and touching my face when I have to go in public. It can also help keep little kiddos from putting their fingers in their mouths and noses and sneezing on others. When you DIY, you can draw on a cute animal face to wear with a kitty ear headband or teddy bear hoodie.

They are easy to sew with a sewing machine or can be sewn by hand. I used an old cotton dress shirt for the outside with one of Grandma’s old white pillowcases for the lining. Any cotton, flannel or tight woven material can work. They don’t take much fabric. And the design includes a pocket for a filter if there is a need to upgrade. I used matching hair ties for the elastic to hold on the ears. But I also tried using a 1 inch strip of old t-shirt for elastic. Give it a tug and it rolls up nicely. I made it stretch behind my head and tie instead of just to my ears.

I found a face mask pattern online that's easy to follow. Have fun making a face mask from reused fabric! Take a picture and show us your creation. Email or message us on facebook.