1. Glass jars and bottles placed in mixed recycling are transported to the recycling center at the landfill.
  2. Next, all recyclables collected at the recycling center are transported to a Material Recovery Facility (MRF).
  3. At the MRF, glass containers are separated and crushed.
  4. The crushed glass heads to Momentum Recycling to be screened and cleaned.
  5. After Momentum Recycling processes the glass, it is shipped to bottling plants in Colorado.
  6. Glass cullet is sold and melted down to make new products.
  1. Metal cans arrive at the MRF mixed with other recyclables.
  2. Various methods separate the mixed recyclables based on material type.
  3. Screens isolate fiber from containers.
  4. Magnets and eddy currents (powerful magnetic fields) separate steel and aluminum.
  5. Both types of metal are baled separately, shipped to domestic aluminum and steel smelters, and made into something new!


Glass recycling at Momentum Recycling

See what happens to the glass you recycle after it's transported to Momentum Recycling for processing. Momentum Recycling is located in Broomfield, CO.