Community-wide Greenhouse Gas Inventory Results

In 2022, Larimer County made a list of all the greenhouse gases emitted in the county. Larimer County teamed up with Lotus Engineering & Sustainability, LLC. They estimated emissions from the county's community. This included estimating emissions by jurisdiction in Larimer County.

A greenhouse gas inventory, also known as a carbon footprint assessment, is a list of emissions and their sources. We use greenhouse gas inventories to track future emission changes. The inventory serves as a baseline for this purpose. They can guide strategic climate action planning specific to the community. This is one of many criteria used to focus on strategies and actions in the development of the plan.



Larimer County GHG Emissions by Sector

Review this memo to see the full results and breakdowns of municipalities’ GHG emissions.

You can also view this slide presentation  containing an introduction to greenhouse gases and common questions with answers about the inventory. 











Consumption Based Inventory 

In addition to the community based traditional inventory above, the consumption based inventory includes a more comprehensive evaluation of goods and services consumed.

This consumption based inventory captures food and other goods that may originate from outside Larimer County.

To hear more details, you can watch this presentation or look through the slides. 







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